Join us for a Free Webinar with Clinical Herbalist Yarrow Willard

Webinar will be available November 27th until December 8th, 2023!

Winter weather in northern climates brings unique challenges when it comes to supporting ourselves naturally. With cold temperatures, reduced daylight, and an increase of viral illnesses, winter conditions need a different approach than the rest of the year when it comes to seasonal alignment.

Join Yarrow Willard for an informative webinar on herbal and lifestyle strategies to support physical, spiritual, and emotional health during the winter months with a focus on:
🌲How to combat the winter blues
🌲Dietary do’s and don’ts
🌲Immune system support
🌲Winter herbals
🌲 Tips on visioning this year’s big projects and goals

Meet Your Host

Yarrow Willard is a Clinical Herbalist and Wild Rose Alumnus, co-founder of Harmonic Arts. He enjoys sharing health-empowering teachings on advanced nutrition, and cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world. He strives to continually update his knowledge in the growing-edge science of natural wellness. 

He is the current Director of Wild Rose Herbal College. Yarrow teaches our seasonal Medicinal Mushroom course, and co-teaches several Wild Rose courses along with workshops and webinars in the Wild Rose Herbal Village.

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