Join us for an enlightening webinar on the transformative power of Flower Essences.
Led by renowned herbalist Dr. Terry Willard, this webinar delves into the significance of Flower Essences in addressing the emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges we face in our daily lives. Together, we’ll explore:
  • Inspiring success stories behind the use of Flower Essences and how they have empowered individuals to overcome obstacles and thrive.
  • Why Flower Essences are more relevant than ever in today’s fast-paced society, offering a gentle yet profound approach to holistic healing.
  • Practical tips on choosing the right Flower Essences for yourself or your clients, and various methods of daily practice.

Meet Your Host

Dr Terry Willard is the founder of Wild Rose Herbal College. After 40 years of clinical practice and teaching, Terry is now in semi-retirement on an organic farm on Vancouver Island. He spends most of his time researching, writing, developing new Wild Rose College courses & keeping course content up-to-date. He continues speaking, consulting, and formulating nutritional products.