Herbal Preparations For Seasonal Transitions

Download PDF of the slides used during the presentation here.

About the Webinar:

As we cycle through the seasons, our bodies often require different types of care and nourishment. Plants too, follow these natural rhythms, offering up unique medicinal properties at different times of the year.


This webinar is designed to teach you about the herbal allies that will support you through the seasonal changes and help you sync your body with the natural world, allowing you to flourish year-round.





In this webinar we’ll explore:

🌿 Traditional herbal preparations that align with seasonal energies

🌿 How to create your own herbal blends at home

🌿 The science and spirit behind plant medicine

🌿 Q&A session to address your herbal curiosities

Who should attend:

🌼 Beginners curious about herbal medicine

🌼 Intermediate students looking to deepen their knowledge

🌼 Practitioners seeking to update their understanding

🌼 Anyone interested in natural wellness and seasonal living

🌺 Is this webinar free?
Yes, this is a free event!

🌺 Will the webinar be recorded?
Yes, a recording will be available for those who register.

Meet Your Host:
Yarrow Willard graduated from Wild Rose College as a Master & Clinical Herbalist. He enjoys sharing health-empowering teachings on advanced nutrition, and cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world. He strives to continually update his knowledge in the growing-edge science of natural wellness. He loves to explore anything that is in alignment with supporting health and balance, both in the body and for the planet. 

He is the current director of Wild Rose Herbal College and creator of Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms, as well as co-teaching several Wild Rose courses and instructing workshop webinars in the Wild Rose Herbal Village.

Register for the Webinar

September 7th, 2023 at 7:00 PM PST