Come warm up with us around the digital campfire for a fun and enlightening evening, as we honor the Winter Solstice and connect traditional herbal wisdom from around the world.

During this webinar, we will reflect on the significance of the darkest time of the year, it’s importance to ancient cultures, and why this is a potent time for setting intentions and visioning for our personal and collective future.

The solstice is just the beginning – let this be the start of a new chapter in our collective story.

Join us Thursday, Dec. 21st @ 6:30 pst 9:30 est

Meet Your Hosts

Dr. Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D. is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. After 40 years of clinical practice and teaching, He spends most of his time researching, writing, developing new Wild Rose College courses & keeping course content up-to-date. 

Yarrow Willard is the current director of Wild Rose Herbal College and creator of Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms, as well as co-teaching several Wild Rose courses and instructing workshop webinars in the Wild Rose Herbal Village.