1. Students must have significant financial burden such as:
    • I have debt that prevents me from meeting basic needs
    • I am in low income housing or have unstable housing
    • I am unemployed
    • I qualify for government assistance
  2. By identifying as BIPOC etc. it will increase their chances of being awarded a scholarship this is to help underserved groups that are often excluded from access to herbal education
  3. The recipient is able to fully commit to the program, this would include work/life balance, no large barriers in terms of family commitments/health issues etc that would inhibit their chances of successfully working through and completing the program on time.
  4. Have a strong connection to community and want to give back with their herbal education once they have graduated
  5. Full ride scholarships are awarded only for new course registrations to allow students who could not otherwise do so to start and meet their goals in herbal education. *Scholarships do not included printed manuals

School Policies for Scholarship Recipients

Wild Rose College is committed to helping students succeed in their studies through our Practical Herbalist Diploma program scholarship. It is important that the recipient is aware of the general school policies as well as those that specifically apply to scholarship recipients to ensure the scholarship is used appropriately and effectively.

Academic Performance Requirements

Students will be given access to 3 courses at a time. To maintain the scholarship, the student will be required to maintain a minimum of 70% grade overall in each course. This will ensure that the student is putting in the necessary effort to succeed in their studies and is making the most of the opportunity provided by the scholarship.

Monitoring and Reporting

The scholarship will require regular monitoring and reporting to ensure that the student is meeting the requirements of the scholarship. This can involve periodic check-ins with the scholarship provider, regular progress reports from the student, or other forms of monitoring.

Use of Funds

The scholarship is available for the Practical Herbalist Diploma program tuition, scholarship funds are not to be used for printed materials. Student’s will have access to the downloadable PDFs through their student dashboard. Scholarships are non-transferable. If a student wishes to withdraw from the scholarship program, we will require a written letter. Their spot will be filled by another student of the school’s choosing.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

The scholarship may come with consequences for non-compliance with the policies and requirements of the scholarship, such as losing the scholarship or having to repay some or all of the funds received. This can ensure that the student takes the scholarship seriously and is motivated to meet the requirements and expectations. Student’s will need to complete the program within the 3 year timeline. If they are unable to do so, they will need to purchase a program extension at their own expense.

Completion of Program

At Wild Rose College, we are committed to helping our scholarship recipients succeed in completing the Practical Herbalist Diploma program. However, it is important to note that the responsibility for successful completion of the program ultimately relies on the commitment and effort of the scholarship recipient. While we will be checking up on their progress regularly, it is their responsibility to ensure that they meet the criteria and requirements of the program.

We encourage scholarship recipients to take advantage of the resources available to them, such as our online learning platform, Ask the Instructor Q&As, Live Roundtable Discussions, and our private online community. We believe that with dedication and hard work, our scholarship recipients can successfully complete the program and achieve their academic goals. Lifetime access to the course content is only granted to students who complete the program.

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