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Our online Practical Herbalist Diploma program is the place to start your journey as an Herbalist.


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Are you ready to transform your passion for herbal medicine into a rewarding career? Our online Practical Herbalist Diploma program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a professional herbalist. Start your journey today from anywhere in the world with flexible, self-paced learning.


Your Journey Includes:


Online Learning: Study herbalism from the comfort of your home or wherever you have an internet connection.

Self-Paced & Flexible: Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, balancing your studies with your lifestyle.

10 Live Zoom Roundtables: Engage in case study reviews and panel discussions.

Live Q&A Sessions: Get your questions answered directly by experienced instructors.

3 Years to Graduate: Complete your diploma at a pace that suits you.

Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all educational materials, even after you graduate.

3 Years Free Herbal Village Membership: Join a vibrant community of herbal enthusiasts and professionals.

Instant Access: Register now and start your journey immediately.


Embark on Your Herbalist Journey with the Practical Herbalist Diploma Program



Build a Strong Foundation in Herbalism


Our Practical Herbalist Diploma program consists of 11 comprehensive courses, meticulously designed over 40+ years of teaching and hands-on clinical practice. This curriculum combines online learning with live sessions to ensure you gain a deep and practical understanding of herbal medicine.


What You Will Learn:


  • Healing Systems: Use original medicines to support health and wellness.
  • Ancestral Herbal Lineage: Connect with traditional herbal practices and knowledge.
  • Health Sovereignty: Develop skills to take charge of your health.
  • Holistic Approach: Use plants to support both body and mind.
  • Condition Management: Handle a wide range of health conditions using herbs and whole foods.
  • Flexible Learning: Study at your own pace, fitting your education around your life.
  • Integrative Healthcare: Blend scientific knowledge with esoteric practices.
  • Experienced Mentors: Learn from a diverse group of seasoned herbalists.


What's Included With Your Purchase

In addtion to the 11 comprehensive courses within the program, our diploma students also get access to:

  • Free 3-Year Access to the Herbal Village Community
  • Student Support for Course Questions
  • Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with Our Instructors
  • Access to Monthly Case Study Roundtables
  • Lifetime Access to Content
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Your Course Journey

Dive into your journey as a herbalist with our Practical Herbalist program and see how you can turn your dreams of becoming a skilled herbalist into reality.


Immerse yourself in the art and science of herbal medicine through 11 detailed courses, bonus live sessions, and an enriching final research project. Gain priceless knowledge from a program rooted in over 40 years of teaching, decades of rigorous study, and hands-on clinical experience in the herbal field.


Join us and start your path to success as an herbalist today!

Herbology 101

Herbology 101 is your essential herbalist starter course, outlining herbalism history, herbal folklore, plant identification and herbal terminology, as well as modern herbal research.

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Biology & Biochemistry

This course examines the chemical interactions within living cells essential for sustaining life, crucial to understanding the art and science of herbalism and the way medicinal herbs affect our biology.

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Anatomy & Physiology

Focusing on the organic and systemic interrelationships in an optimally functioning body, our Anatomy & Physiology course covers all of the major bodily systems, organs and tissues.

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Herbology Advanced

Herbology Advanced provides an essential framework for herbalists working towards a professional practice, going into detail about herbal constituents and their role in facilitating health.

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Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 delivers a comprehensive overview into the world of whole foods and the link between nutrition and food as preventative medicine, offering essential knowledge for the holistic practitioner.

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History of Herbal Medicine

History of Herbal Medicine offers an anthropological view into the long-standing relationship between humans and herbal medicine. Become acquainted with its rich history.

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Botany for Herbalists

Botany for Herbalists is designed to understand the plant kingdom. The practice of herbalism is incomplete without the familiarity with plant botany, plant ID, and plant families.

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Wild Harvesting

Learn how to harvest 40+ Herbs commonly found throughout North America. Discover the best methods on how to harvest and store roots, mushrooms, flowers and aerial parts from an experienced herbalist & harvester.

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Western Materia Medica I

Take a deeper look into over 50 medicinal herbs commonly used in Western herbalism in this course, providing key information on the theoretical basis of single herbs and their use.

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Western Materia Medica II

This course provides key information on the theoretical basis of single herbs and their use, and draws upon the rich and diverse literature, both scientific and folkloric, that explores each herb.

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Herbal Pharmacy

Create liquid internal herbal preparations including tinctures, glycerites, flower essences, vinegars, honeys, syrups, and ferments. Explore preparations such as powders, pills and lozenges. Formulate topical preparations such as oil infusions, salves, lotions, compresses and poultices.

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Plant Monograph Research Project

Create liquid internal herbal preparations including tinctures, glycerites, flower essences, vinegars, honeys, syrups, and ferments. Explore preparations such as powders, pills and lozenges. Formulate topical preparations such as oil infusions, salves, lotions, compresses and poultices.

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Your Future as a Herbalist

Upon graduating, you will be equipped to:

  • Support Loved Ones: Provide safe and effective herbal remedies.
  • Apply Diverse Techniques: Utilize a variety of approaches learned from expert clinicians.
  • Understand Herbal Medicine: Master the use of herbs for different body systems and chemical groups.
  • Create Herbal Medicines: Make effective remedies from both fresh and dried herbs.
  • Educate Communities: Engage in community outreach and herbal education.
  • Advocate for Herbalism: Work in land-based education and advocacy.
  • Start Your Own Business: Launch a niche herbal product line or become an herb shop owner.
  • Professional Roles: Become a consultant, educator, or public speaker.
  • Advanced Studies: Continue your education with our Master Herbalist Diploma Program.

Realize Your Herbalist Dreams


Our Practical Herbalist program is your roadmap to becoming a trusted herbalist. Dive deep into the art and science of herbal medicine through 11 comprehensive courses, bonus live sessions, and a final research project. Join us and be part of a program grounded in decades of teaching and clinical expertise.


Ready To Begin?


Register now to gain instant access and start your journey towards becoming a certified Practical Herbalist. Embrace the opportunity to transform your passion into a profession and make a positive impact on your community’s health and wellness.



You can enroll in our programs and courses by selecting a payment option and processing your tuition payment through your cart. Once you have processed your tuition payment, you will gain access to all the materials required to complete your studies via your student dashboard.

It is recommended that students hold a high school diploma if they intend to undertake our curriculum and basic English competency is expected.

It is recommended that students hold a high school diploma if they intend to undertake our curriculum and basic English competency is expected.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa/Debit, Paypal, and e-transfers*. Our diploma programs can be purchased in one initial payment or via enrolment in our 12-month payment plan.

All Wild Rose College courses & diploma programs include downloadable .pdf course manuals. Wild Rose College does offer the option to optionally add coiled and bound printed course manuals upon initial registration (or you may alternatively purchase as few or as many as you like at any time during your studies).

Purchasing printed course manuals is not required, however some students prefer the printed and bound manuals to study off-line, so it is entirely a personal preference. We are also able to offer them at a competitive price and there may be a cost savings to printing them yourself.

Courses taken at another school may be accepted as substitutes for Wild Rose courses upon submission of transcripts, course outlines or syllabus. In some cases students may be asked to write a challenge exam at a cost of $75.00+GST. Courses allowable for transfer must have been taken within the past ten years.

Students must receive approval from our Student Services team prior to enrollment. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Wild Rose College will issue a refund upon request, less a 30% administration fee, when a student withdraws from a course a maximum of seven (7) business days following purchase. Because course access is immediately granted and course material links are automatically emailed directly following payment, they become the property of the student. As such, Wild Rose College is unable to offer full refunds.

Our refund policy also applies to our monthly diploma program payment plans. If cancelling a payment plan, a $75.00 cancellation fee will be applied before remaining payments are cancelled. All payment plans will remain active unless cancellation has been acknowledged by the Student Services team. Students can request cancellation of a payment plan if they are withdrawing from a diploma program. If a student contacts the college to re-enroll in their studies on a payment plan outside of the allotted completion time frame, they will be responsible for a reinstatement fee of $75, plus the extension fee of $150 to extend their access for one (1) year, and any remaining program fees at current program rates.

Printed course manuals are non-refundable.

A note about Wild Rose College manuals: herbalists and practitioners who teach at Wild Rose College work for many years on their courses offered at the College. Thus, we respectfully ask that students do not give or sell used course manuals, as this would result in course creators not earning an income from course sales. All course material is copyrighted. Wild Rose College, instructors and staff strive to support the herbal community and herbalists. We thank our students for their support in this mission.

Stand-alone courses, intensive workshops, clinical apprenticeships, and seasonal courses are non-refundable.

Please note that refunds will be issued using the original payment method provided at time of registration.

All courses can be completed online and at your own self-guided pace. Video lessons can be accessed at all times from anywhere with an internet connection; there is no need to attend class at a specific time.

Our courses are designed so the most casual or serious learner can take part. Our delivery ensures you will be able to participate in our in-depth teachings while working or maintaining other commitments.

Any courses that have live sessions will be announced in advance for a certain date and time. These can be accessed online and will be recorded so that they can be reviewed at a later date.

Our programs at Wild Rose College were created so the most casual or serious learner can take part. Our timelines and delivery ensure our students will be able to participate in our in-depth teachings while working or maintaining their other commitments.

Depending on your other obligations, as well as how quickly you absorb the information, it is possible to complete a diploma program in as little as 1 year. However, students are given 3 years to complete the requirements and extensions are available upon request. Lifetime access pertains to course materials and course videos only.

The passing standard for all mandatory courses at Wild Rose College is 70%. In order to receive credits for a course, students must fulfill all requirements set by the instructor for that course. All requirements for a program must be completed within 3 years (with the option to apply for a 1 year extension if required).

The majority of course grades are calculated based upon 60% quiz results with 40% final exams however, some are project based. See the course page on your student dashboard for evaluation methods specific to that course.

Student must also complete a Plant Monograph Research Project as a final research project and pass with a minimum grade of 70%.

With your Practical Herbalist Diploma, you will have a solid foundational knowledge of the world of plant medicine and the human body.

The Practical Herbalist Diploma is the beginning of cultivating your learning and understanding of plant medicine, through a systems approach pairing herbs for body systems, the foundation of nutrition, and learning botany and plant ID.

With what you learn throughout your program, you will be able to assist family, friends, yourself and your community with their health as well as working in the health and wellness sector and continuing on with your education through our Master Herbalist Program.

Senior Citizens (60+) are eligible for a 10% discount on full price online courses and diploma program tuition.

Note that this discount cannot be combined with sale pricing, seasonal courses or any other offers. To receive this discount you will need to provide documentation of your birth date by contacting Student Services at [email protected]. You will need to enter the promo code at checkout in order to receive the discount. No exceptions can be made.

RESP funds and government loans cannot be used to pay for tuition. Additionally T2202A slips cannot be issued. Taking this into account, Wild Rose College offers affordable payment plans for all diploma programs.

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