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Join us and embark on a transformative journey into the world of flower essences.

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Unleash Nature’s Healing Power with Our Flower Essence Practitioner Kit & Course

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Transform Your Practice with the Wild Rose Flower Essence Practitioner Kit

Discover the profound healing potential of nature with our exclusive Flower Essence Practitioner Kit, meticulously curated by renowned herbalist Dr. Terry Willard. This comprehensive collection features 44 single essences and 10 expertly crafted blends, providing you with everything you need to create personalized formulas tailored to your clients’ unique needs.


Harness the wisdom of Wild Rose’s single flower essences to unlock infinite possibilities for holistic healing. From Arnica to Yarrow, each essence is meticulously sourced and carefully formulated to ensure maximum potency and purity. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey into the world of flower essences, this kit equips you with the tools to cultivate profound transformation and wellness.


Empower yourself to craft custom remedies that resonate deeply with your clients, guiding them toward greater balance, harmony, and vitality. Elevate your practice with the Wild Rose Flower Essence Practitioner Kit and embark on a journey of healing and discovery that transcends the ordinary.

What is Included in the Kit?

The Flower Essence Practitoner Kit features 44 powerful Single Flower Essences, see the full list here, and includes 10 of our most popular custom formulas. 

Embark on a Transformative Journey with Our Flower Essence Practitioner Course

Dive deep into the world of flower essences with our comprehensive Flower Essence Practitioner Course. Designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this course offers a thorough exploration of the historical development, foundational principles, and practical applications of flower essence therapy.


What You Will Learn:

  • Historical Development & Foundational Principles: Gain a solid understanding of the origins and core concepts of flower essences.
  • Vibrational Medicine: Explore the dimensions of vibrational medicine, and understand the roles of energy, frequency, and vibration in holistic healing.
  • Connection with Plants: Cultivate a profound connection with plants as teachers and allies, tapping into their wisdom for personal and collective well-being.
  • Therapeutic Benefits of Flower Essences: Analyze and apply knowledge of specific flower essences, their properties, and their therapeutic benefits.
  • Formulating Personalized Blends: Develop the skills to create custom blends tailored to individual needs, promoting emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.


Why Choose Our Course?

Our course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective flower essence therapy. Through detailed analysis and practical application, you will gain expertise in identifying, assessing, and selecting appropriate flower essences to address individual needs. By the end of the course, you will emerge with practical knowledge of creating and preserving flower essences, ready to embark on your own journey of healing and transformation.


Start Your Journey Today

Empower yourself to make a profound impact on your clients’ well-being with the Wild Rose Flower Essence Practitioner Kit and Course. Join us and embark on a transformative journey into the world of flower essences. Embrace the healing power of nature and elevate your practice to new heights.


Our Flower Essence Formulas

Experience the power of our Wild Rose Flower Essence Blends, featuring Dr. Terry Willard’s most popular formulas from years of clinical practice. Designed to address the most common emotional challenges, these expertly crafted blends are perfect for use on yourself or your clients. Experience transformative healing with the trusted expertise of Dr. Willard.


Addiction – Substance Abuse

Unlock the potential to overcome addiction with our potent flower essence blend. From cigarettes to workaholism, our formula targets the root causes of dependency, offering relief from the pain that fuels these behaviours. Addiction often stems from unresolved wounds. Our blend sheds light on these underlying issues, helping you break free from destructive patterns. With essences including  Arnica, Labrador Tea, and Morning Glory, our formula harnesses nature’s strength to support your journey to recovery.


Children’s Super Hug

Introducing Children’s Super Hug, a specially tailored formula for kids aged 0 to 16. Just like a warm embrace from the world itself, this blend helps children feel cherished and supported, especially during those challenging, irritable phases. Formulated with Buttercup, Chamomile, and Sunflower, Children’s Super Hug empowers young ones to navigate their emotions with confidence. Whether taken orally or sprayed in a room, it offers a soothing touch during moments of tension.


Depression and Apathy Uplifter

Introducing our transformative blend of flower essences and homeopathic gold, crafted to awaken the heart and foster a profound connection with joy, love, and compassion. Ideal for anyone grappling with feelings of depression, it infuses life with a newfound brightness, illuminating even the darkest corners of the soul. With ingredients like Aurum, Chamomile, and Saint John’s Wort, this formula delves deep into the roots of self-worth and self-love, guiding individuals toward a more fulfilling existence. Embrace a journey of spiritual growth amidst everyday life, as this blend invites you to embody higher principles with each step.



Introducing Energize, your go-to remedy for a revitalizing boost whenever you’re feeling drained or mentally fatigued. Whether it’s after a demanding task, an overload of mental activity, or simply feeling depleted, this flower essence formula is here to restore your vitality. Packed with flower essences including Echinacea, Lady Slipper, and Sweet Grass, Energize gently lifts the veil of apathy and depression that often accompanies low energy levels. Say goodbye to mental exhaustion and hello to renewed vigour as you tap into the natural energy reserves within you.



Introducing Focus, the perfect companion for students and anyone seeking to enhance their concentration and clarity, whether tackling intellectual challenges or engaging in physical activities. This formula is designed to broaden perspective, enabling individuals to see the whole picture rather than getting lost in the details. With ingredients like Cosmos, Dill, and Shasta Daisy, Focus gently guides your attention to the core of the matter, allowing you to perform tasks with heightened efficiency and effectiveness. Find your center and channel your focus towards achieving your highest potential with every endeavour.


Lighten Up

Introducing Lighten Up, a specialized flower essence formula tailored for individuals struggling with light deprivation issues, including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Designed to amplify your connection with light in all its forms, this formula is your key to energizing, uplifting, and nourishing your perspective on life. With a blend of essences including Borage, Iris, and Saint John’s Wort, Lighten Up empowers you to harness the power of light to brighten both your inner world and your living environment. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your energy or illuminate your surroundings, this formula offers a holistic approach to enhancing your well-being.

Night Night

Introducing Night, Night—a soothing remedy crafted for those struggling with sleep disturbances. Whether you find it challenging to drift off initially, wake frequently throughout the night, or experience vivid dreams disrupting your rest, this formula is tailored to provide a deeper, more restful sleep experience. With calming ingredients like Chamomile, Mugwort, and Saint John’s Wort, Night, Night offers gentle support to help you ease into a peaceful slumber. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to rejuvenating rest as you embrace the tranquility this formula brings.


Rescue ER

Introducing Rescue ER, our best-selling blend renowned for its versatility in addressing a range of traumatic situations. From physical injuries in accidents to emotional upheavals during times of crisis, this first aid remedy offers comprehensive support for both body and mind. Crafted with ingredients like Arnica, Echinacea, and Red Clover, Rescue ER helps restore balance and inner strength, empowering individuals to navigate through challenging circumstances with resilience and grace. Whether you’re seeking physical or emotional healing, this formula is your trusted companion on the journey toward recovery.

Self Esteem

Introducing Self Esteem, a transformative blend crafted to foster a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation for the world around you. This formula empowers individuals to recognize and honour their inherent self-worth, paving the way for a profound sense of liberation and connection. With nurturing ingredients like Bleeding Heart and Calendula, Self Esteem gently guides you towards embracing your true essence and finding freedom in acceptance—both of yourself and others. Experience the liberation of letting go of judgment and welcoming the richness of diversity and individuality.

Strong & Beautiful

Introducing Strong and Beautiful, a transformative blend designed to illuminate the inner strength and beauty within each individual. By embracing one’s innate power, this formula empowers individuals to stand tall and fully engaged in life’s journey. With essences like Buttercup, Goldenrod, and Sunflower, Strong and Beautiful acts as a shield of energetic armour, providing a sense of protection and reducing feelings of vulnerability. Experience the confidence that comes from recognizing your inner resilience and radiance.


Flower essences (FE), also known as flower remedies, are usually liquid extracts intended to address issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are considered a form of subtle energy medicine, akin to homeopathy, acupuncture, and therapeutic touch, among others. The concept behind flower essences is that they carry the vibrational energy of flowers, which can have healing effects on the body and mind by improving negative thoughts and emotions. 

Flower essences are distinct from essential oils. While both are derived from plants, they are prepared differently and serve different purposes: essential oils are aromatic and used for their physical and aromatic properties, whereas flower essences are odourless and work on an energetic or vibrational level. 

The taste of Flower Essences is the taste of the alcohol base. The flower essence itself has no taste.

The timing of changes (“works”) varies considerably. Some people will feel changes within mere seconds, while others might need weeks and even months to decern significant changes. This is often due to the length and depth of the pattern being changed. Often the changes are slow enough that the user doesn’t really feel them, but people in their environment start to comment on it.

Flower essences are generally considered safe to use alongside other natural remedies, including homeopathic treatments. Many homeopathic practitioners even recommend flower essences to their patients, as they do not interfere with homeopathic remedies. This compatibility is attributed to the vibrational nature of flower essences, which work through the human energy fields to influence mental, emotional, and physical well-being, rather than direct physical or chemical intervention.

Flower essences are generally considered safe and are not likely to cause side effects when taken alone due to their highly diluted nature.

Even though changes might feel a bit dramatic, healing crisis or adverse reactions are not normally felt. If one feels a large change, just continue taking the flower essence for a few more times. If it seems overwhelming, stop and repeat after a few day break.

Yes, you can take more than 1 flower essence at a time. It is often common to make up a formula, of up to 5 remedies. There is no combination that needs to be avoided. You can take more then one formula in a day, leaving at least 30 minute between formulas.

Yes, both children and pets can benefit from using flower essences. There are several that almost specialize in this. You use the same techiques to decide on what flower essence to use. There is a specific questionaire for youth for aiding in choosing the right flower essence for a child. The dosage is the same as with adults for both children and animals. Often for animals the flower essences are added to their food or water.

There is really no need to have special care of the remedy bottle. They are even safe to go through x-ray at airports security.

The Flower Essences contain 25% alcohol

Yes, flower essence are safe for allergy suffers. Since there is no plant material in the bottle, there is nothing to react to.

The best way to determine which flower essence or formula to use involves various methods:

1. Self-Assessment or Consultation: An individual or a practitioner can assess emotional imbalances or issues through introspection, discussion, or questionnaires. This helps to identify the feelings or emotional states that need to be addressed.

2. Research Properties of Flower Essences: Each flower essence corresponds to certain emotional states or issues. By having a thorough understanding of many flower essence monographs, it will be more effective to match a single FE or combination for the individual’s needs. 

3. Questionnaire: Filling out a questionnaire helps fine-tune the search for the right FE. Use the results to match the highest scores with the appropriate FEs. We’ve included two questionnaires, below—one for adults and one for youth. (This is the most common method used for selecting flower essences.) 

4. Using a Repertory: By consulting a repertory you can match up general emotion like fear, grief, anger, and many more; you will often find several FEs that correspond to the emotion and you’ll need to see which one or combination matches the specific aspect of that emotion associated with a person. There is a complete repertory in my book Flower Essence: Emotional Alchemy and Spiritual Evolution. 

5. Intuition: Some practitioners rely on their intuition or the individual’s intuition to choose the most appropriate essence. 

6. Dowsing: Some practitioners like to use dowsing (usually pendulums) to select the right FE. Others feel this is not sufficiently accurate. 

7. Trial and Error: It may be necessary to try different essences or combinations over time to find the most effective one for the individual’s unique situation. 

Besides using flower essences as liquid frequencies (the most commonly used form) they can also be transferred to other mediums. The vibrational energy of flower essences can be transferred to other substances such as creams and lotions. By adding the flower essences to the base material of the cream or lotion, the vibrational medicine’s healing properties are thereby incorporated into the product.

You should take the flower essence until you feel significant changes in the pattern that you are treating and then continue for several days. After this, you can stop and repeat usage if and/or when symptoms come back again. It might take several off and on sessions to complete a treatment process.

Using a flower essence is said to create a harmonic resonance within our energies that allows for stagnant or discordant energy to be recalibrated.

If you are sensitive to alcohol you can make the remedy up in a 30% glycerine or 25% vinegar mixture. If this is not available, than put the Flower essence in a cup of very hot (boiling) water and let cool down over 10 – 15 minutes before taking. This will make most of the alcohol evaporate.

The Wild Rose Flower essences are made specifically for emotional issues that are currant presence in the contemporary emotional landscape of people in North America. Each one is prepared from plants at their height of vibrational quality in Western Canada.

The dilution level is between 6 and 9 x.

The individuals that created the original ‘mothers’ of the Wild Rose flower essence have been train to clear themselve of emotional confusion before making them.

Generally speaking, flower essences can be used alongside other natural and pharmaceutical remedies, offering a complementary approach to emotional and psychological well-being. However, due to their alcohol content and the unique nature of each individual’s health situation, consulting with healthcare providers before combining these remedies with other treatments is crucial to ensure safety and efficacy. 

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