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What You’ll Discover:


🍄Mushroom Medicine Unveiled

Learn about the incredible diversity of mushroom species and their hidden medicinal treasures.

🍄Foraging and Identifying Mushrooms

We’ll discuss the basics of foraging for wild mushrooms ethically, the safety guidelines and resources for mushroom identification.

🍄 Understanding Medicinal Mushrooms

We’ll explore the basics of medicinal mushrooms and introduce a few key mushroom species and their health benefits.

🍄Medicinal Mushroom Preparations

 Learn about mushroom-infused teas and tinctures. Learn about preparing and enjoying these nourishing elixirs.

🍄Culinary Adventures with Mushrooms

Culinary creations with Mushrooms! We’ll share some recipes, cooking tips, and techniques.

🍄Exploring Mushroom Folklore and Legends

Dive into the world of mushroom folklore and mythology from around the globe. We’ll look at a few myths, and legends rel from different cultures.

🍄 Deepen Your Mushroom Knowledge
Go further down the mushroom rabbit whole, we’ll share how you can continue your journey into the fungal kingdom.


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