What is Ayurveda? And why should we care about it in 2023?

Maybe you’ve heard the terms “Karma”, “Dharma” or “Vedas”.  Maybe you’ve taken an on-line Dosha quiz (“Vatta”, “Pitta” or “Kapha”, anyone?) and heard that identifying as a certain constitutional type makes you more prone to raging in traffic.

Ayurveda is so much more–it’s an ancient and intelligent framework for understanding current day medicinal practices, utilizing herbs and food, as well as understanding our personality and body types. We can trace the history of Ayurveda over 5000+ years.

Ayurveda is known as  the “Science or Knowledge of Life”. Ayus in Sanskrit means “life”, and Veda means “science or knowledge”. It teaches us how to live in balance: harmonizing mind, body, and spirit—extending our health and longevity to attain mastery, freeing ourselves from suffering and connecting with the divine that is always within us.

In this one hour webinar, Amber will share:
  • a brief overview and timeline of Ayurveda in history, how it relates to and pre-dates current medicinal theories, why it’s important, and why it’s relevant today
  • an introduction to elemental theory (and how Ayurveda helps us understand ourselves in relationship with the natural world)
  • where Ayurveda fits among the “cornucopia” of natural healing methods (including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbology) 
  • how Ayurveda can positively influence your world view and support a healthy body/mind/spirit balance
  • how Herbs are an important component of the Ayurvedic philosophy and practice

If you are completely new to Ayurveda, or if you have already been introduce to Ayurvedic elements but want to dive deeper, this is for you. 

This webinar is for you if you are: 
  • a herbalist, naturopath, or nutritionist
  • a yoga student or teacher, a meditation teacher or someone with a dedicated meditation practice
  • an esthetician, cosmetologist, massage therapist/bodyworker, or energy worker 
  • a medical student or conventional medical practitioner
  • a product line developer (body care, self care, herbs/supplements)
  • interested in natural health and the mind/body/spirit connection
  • looking to re-connect with the healing practice of your cultural lineage
Join Amber Lynn Vitale and Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine on March 29th at 7 pm Pacific Time.

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Amber Lynn Vitale

Amber Lynn Vitale, BA, CN, ACC (Certified Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant) majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences, and additional certifications in Integrative Nutrition and in multiple forms of bodywork. She is a certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Nutritionist, and a certified Ayurvedic Clinical Consultant. She completed her yoga teacher training in 2012 with J. Renee DeTar and her Institute for Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies. Amber’s journey in the healing arts developed as she worked for years in practices with Integrative Physicians, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Nurses. Ultimately she developed an integrated modality of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Advanced Bodywork and Integrative Nutrition. Since 2014 Amber has been a National Educator for Garden of Life. She also continues to write for various publications, develop content for her YouTube channel, and further her studies in nutrition, Ayurveda, and sustainable agriculture.